The Purdue Wine Grape Team

The Purdue Wine Grape Team is collaboration between the Purdue University Departments of Food Science and Horticulture & Landscape Architecture, and the Indiana Wine Grape Council. We serve Indiana’s vintners and growers by providing expertise on viticulture (grape growing), enology (wine making), and marketing. Our goal is to propel the Indiana winegrape industry into world-class competitiveness.


Katie benner 

Marketing Extension Specialist 

  • Coordinating the Vintage Indiana Festival
  • The Pop Swirl, an Indiana beverage podcast
  • Designing new marketing material
  • Conducting educational workshops
  • Wine grape industry domestic and internal travels
Agriculture Food Science faculty and staff  (Purdue University/ Mark Simons)

Jill Blume

Enology Specialist 

  • Wine analysis and sensory evaluation
  • Hybrid wine grape varieties and wine-styles
  • Winemaking concerns
  • Winery visitations and safety 
  • Wine competition judge
Miranda Purcell

miranda purcell

Viticulture Extension Specialist 

  • Establishing and designing vineyards
  • Managing vineyards
  • Identifying and managing pests
  • Evaluating new grape varieties
  • On-site visitations